Race Results

9/11/2016: 1st— Novice Main Event, IMI

Aidan raced to the top of the podium on Sunday in his last Novice Main Event! This particular race showed Mom & Dad as well as the Training program evaluators that he is really ready to rumble with the Juniors. We are aiming for the SCQMA race on Saturday in Pueblo!

novice-race-champion novice-main-event-win

9/3/2016: 2nd— Novice Main RMQMA Piston Cup, Budweiser Events Center

2nd-rmqa-piston-cup rmqa-piston-cup-2016

8/13/2016: 1st– Novice Main, SCQMA

scqma-1st-main scqma-main-win scqma

6/5/2016: 1st–  Novice Main, IMI

Racing Photo 2